Heather W Florida Graphic Designer and Fine Artist

Visual Curator + Designer + Artist

My earliest memory of falling in love with fashion was the late 70's. I was probably six or seven years old. I would sit on my Nana's bed and drape myself in brightly colored plastic pop bead necklaces, gaudy gold medallions, and art deco crystal drop clip on earrings. I was a cleopatra of sorts, sitting proudly upon a pile of velvet harvest gold pillows. I couldn't wait to visit every weekend. One of my favorite quotes is

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak " - Rachel Zoe

The clothing we choose to wear often is our own personal form of self expression. What we choose to put on tells everyone about our mood for the day, about our personality and even what we feel about ourself. Although black is a favorite staple, color runs through my veins. Its who I am, who I profess to be! Eclecticirresistible, sexy, colorful, fun loving, and free spirited! What says that better than a pair of Rochas Swarovski bow pumps in hot pink satin?

My love affair with fashion goes far beyond the art I wear on my body. It translates into my design aesthetic. The bright Pantone shades of the year find their way into my paintings and other decorative art. Highly saturated hues and textured surfaces in my work  are quite similar to the fabrics seen strutting down the runway. When a potential client views my work I want them to feel happy all over.  A heart that is so full of the good stuff that it bursts!


Savannah College of Art & Design M.F.A. 

Fine Art
Trend Forecasting