Not all consumers were created colorfully.

Despite Pantone's 2019 color of the year Living Coral, and it's 11 other highly saturated colors with names such as toffee and mango mojito that leave you drooling for more, there are still quite a few of us that prefer black. There seems to be a niche of us ladies that just don't want to walk down the street and scream look at me. We know we ooze confidence, elegance and with one glance people say " damn she's cool". And just like that, we have upped the ante in the fashion world.  Black is no longer for cold winter months. As a matter of fact, there was a 64% increase in new arrivals of black womenswear pieces set to arrive in late July through September of this year, as to compared to last year. 



Retail is warming up for this trend, with a 64% increase in new arrivals of black womenswear in July-September this year, compared to last.

Fashion Fact

There’s a mysterious movement that is ever present on both the runways and in street style that is widely accepted. Call it goth if you will, I just prefer to say that black is and will always be a perennially popular choice in the fashion world.

So for this spring 2019, save a little space in the closet for the dark side. Think about layering pieces, and experiment with sheer fabrics and cape-like sleeves.


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