So why not try something new this spring for your manicure ladies?  Of course, all of us have our go-to colors, especially during different seasons. Bright corals and reds for summer and burgundy for fall. But what about a different sheen? 


This spring is all about pearlized nail color and frosts. Can you believe it? Yes, I said frosts! We're kicking it old school style and channeling that inner 60's vibe. GO GO boots and twiggy's iconic winged eyeliner.


If you've never thought about wearing a pearly nail before I'm pretty sure Chantecaille's new nail polish will convince you! It's a limited edition of celestial shimmers at $28.00 per bottle. 


IMG_4582 2

You can also try Butter London in Prism for an icy top coat. Use this over your favorite pastel shade and it will instantly give you that touch of feminity. It's only $10.00 at Ulta. 


Of course, I had to include a frosty blue shade. I'm a child of the '80s. We wore frosty blue eye shadow, a pale pink lip,  and rocked out to Def Leppard in our Iroc-Z Cameros. So I was stoked to find this nail color OPI NAIL LACQUER In Check Out The Old Geysirs

Amazon $10.50


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