Sometimes the Best Style is Right Next to You

New York Fashion Week AW 2019



Every year in the cold month of February with anticipation, I await New York Fashion Week. I get thrilled to view the autumn and winter collection for that year. Likewise, for the spring and summer collections.

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw appeared on the scene in 1998 with her fashion-conscious gal pals, my life was forever changed. I would sit and watch Sex and the City every week on HBO like is was the gospel truth to fashion. 

The show that streamed the latest from New York’s runways to sidewalks to anyone with a cable box and penchant for Cosmos from 1998-2004 started as a phenomenon and ended as a deep-running fold in turn-of-the-century culture.

By the time the series ended, it was not only a statement about personal style, but it was also a cable series that celebrated women and their strengths. It taught us about our personal style and who we were as women. That we didn't need a man to define us, and it was ok if we all didn't look like cookie-cutter Stepford Wives. 




While watching women in the streets of the fashion district in New York City during NYFW it really made me pause and think, of how the girls in Sex in the City formed such strong bonds and friendships through fashion. It made me realize, maybe it’s not about what model is wearing, what designer, on the runway at Spring Studios. Sometimes the best style is found on your bestie going to grab an espresso at the chic coffee shop on the corner of 14th and 7th Avenue in the West Village. No matter what body type, skin color, age, religious view, or sexual orientation you have. For just a minute today choose to support each other! Women need to spend more time encouraging each other and complimenting their mom, sister, co-worker, or friend how their new a line skirt makes their waist looks super tiny! Choose women, let us support each other.

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