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The purpose of my Fashion and Art Blog is to inspire you and renew your mind. Through this journey, I hope that you can grow a deeper admiration for color and visual communication. My greatest desire above all is that you find joy in your journey. 

We Have a Winner, New Subscriber to my Blog!

By HeatherWolynic | April 22, 2019

I recently ran a give away to my subscribers. Anyone new that subscribed would be entered into a chance to win a PuraVida bracelet. The winner was Christy Miller!  Welcome to the Sweetest Blog Ever!  PS: Use Code HEATHERWOLYNIC20 to score 20% off PuraVidas awesome jewelry! Link above.

The Brightest Trend of 2019 Neon

By HeatherWolynic | April 18, 2019

5 Unexpected Denim Trends this Spring 2019

By HeatherWolynic | April 9, 2019

The Perfect Summer Bar Cart

By HeatherWolynic | April 4, 2019

Summer Must Haves and Beach Favorites

By HeatherWolynic | March 31, 2019

What to Wear to Summer Fun Events !

By HeatherWolynic | March 19, 2019

Before you know it every summer party, concert, carnival, and festival will be upon us. Whether you’re heading out of town or staying at home. Here are a few suggestions that won’t break the bank or upcharge your suitcase weight.  Denim is hot and is everywhere. I never thought I would hear myself say this…

What Your Clothing Color Says About You

By HeatherWolynic | March 13, 2019

Do you need some color therapy in your life? Or are you just fine in you’re LBD?     Have you taken inventory of your closet lately? You may be in a fashion rut and need to introduce some different colors into your wardrobe that will better reflect your day-to-day moods. This is called mood dressing. Mood…

Breaking the Rules of Fashion

By HeatherWolynic | February 23, 2019

There are no rules when it comes to personal choice and style.  What you wear is a reflection of who you are. Who God created you to be. With that thought in mind, maybe we should play close attention to our wardrobe before stepping out on the town. You want your outfits to truly showcase who…

New York Fashion Week Street Style

By HeatherWolynic | February 17, 2019

Sometimes the Best Style is Right Next to You New York Fashion Week AW 2019   Every year in the cold month of February with anticipation, I await New York Fashion Week. I get thrilled to view the autumn and winter collection for that year. Likewise, for the spring and summer collections. Ever since Carrie…

Pearl Nail Polish Is on the Fashion Radar for this Spring!

By HeatherWolynic | February 10, 2019

So why not try something new this spring for your manicure ladies?  Of course, all of us have our go-to colors, especially during different seasons. Bright corals and reds for summer and burgundy for fall. But what about a different sheen?    This spring is all about pearlized nail color and frosts. Can you believe it? Yes,…

Womens Fashion Trends for 2020

By HeatherWolynic | January 5, 2020

Designers revealed dress codes inspired by the super-rich, old Hollywood glam, and simultaneously to militant groups which included combat boots (hello Doc Marten) lovers and khaki. So, with all that said, there’s no neat and easy new look as we head into the new year (although the super brands did agree that their obsession with…

Weekends Sets are Where it’s at Girls!

By HeatherWolynic | October 20, 2019

Cotton Citizen Polo Shirt Leggings have come a long way from the are they even pants debate, as they are now a fully crucial part of our go-to wardrobes. We wear them to the gym, to run errands, with blazers, and so on and so forth. Considering the frequency at which we wear leggings, burnout is something we’re…

Hello Spring Fashion 2020

By HeatherWolynic | October 14, 2019

Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Trends To Start Thinking About Now New York is the city that sets the tone for the major fashion weeks to come. It may favor grit and glamour over the certain joie de vivre that London, Milan, and Paris boast, but New York has its own certain power. It’s a city of energy…

Giving Back

By HeatherWolynic | September 5, 2019

Hurricane Dorian has already devastated the Bahamas and is currently threatening the US. Help provide relief for the communities impacted by purchasing the Hurricane Dorian Relief bracelet by PuraVida. For each bracelet purchased, we’ll donate 100% of the net sales to All Hands and Hearts, and their mission to effectively and efficiently address the immediate…

Parkinsons Health

By HeatherWolynic | August 12, 2019

Be Strong, Be Fearless, Be Beautiful As women its so important to remember to be the strongest version of you! Take a moment and remind yourself where you are & how you got there. Hard work, determination, and strength are just a few ways women have fought to get where they are today! Living with…

7 Fall Fashion Trends to Get Ahead of for 2019

By HeatherWolynic | July 14, 2019



Tips on Jumpstarting your Creativity

By HeatherWolynic | July 8, 2019


The Next Big Thing in Home Decor – Citrus Tress

By HeatherWolynic | June 14, 2019

Most everyone seems to have some type of decorative plant in their home right now, even if it’s a faux fiddle leaf fig tree. The next big trend in indoor plants is citrus trees! ⁣ ⁣ Fruity imagery is in abundance — so it’s only natural the trend would spill into your living space as…