Be Strong, Be Fearless, Be Beautiful

As women its so important to remember to be the strongest version of you! Take a moment and remind yourself where you are & how you got there. Hard work, determination, and strength are just a few ways women have fought to get where they are today! Living with Parkinsons Disease surely holds its challenges but I try and make a conscious effort to remind myself that each day is a blessing.

Trust me there are days I don't even want to get out of bed. My body aches, my head hurts, and I'm depressed. But instead of asking why did this happen to me I try and ask myself what I can learn from this disease and how can I help others with it? I look for three things to help motivate myself before my feet hit the floor.

Be STRONG for my children.
Be FEARLESS in the face of this disease. 
Be BEAUTIFUL to those around you.

You got this. Don't forget your place in this world. And fight your hardest to keep PD at bay. We all have “good days/bad days” let's focus more on the good. 

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